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Welcome to Addictions by Kitch Witch

Baked with love, cooked with love!

Meeta, our Kitch Witch, shares her secret potion of love, warmth and care in her home-made recipes, adding a touch of magic and comfort to all her customers, who are always welcomed to have a taste of her witchcrafted comfort foods! Pushed by her late mother, who was a brilliant cook herself, she started reading, learning and even creating her own recipes at the age of 9. The passion for baking grew with her and everyone who tasted her creations got addicted, so she was encouraged to share these Addictions with the world! Warning: we have confirmed cases of Addictions, beware of overdose!


Years of experience, same owner, same place.

Our Addictions Team

Chef of Restaurant Khun Na

Executive Head

Assistant Manager Khun Lennie

Bakery and Restaurant

Assistant Manager Khun Pang


Service Khun Bo

Service Team

Service Team
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