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| 2023-05-01

Addictions goes online

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The global pandemic has changed the way we consume food and many businesses have had to adapt to the new normal. @Addictions, a popular Thai and Indian restaurant in Bangkok, is the latest to join this trend as it has gone online.

@Addictions, which opened in the city’s Sukhumvit district in 2010, offers a wide range of dishes from both cuisines. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia, with dishes like Thai papaya salad, curries, and rice dishes.

In order to stay competitive in the current market, @Addictions has launched an online ordering platform for customers to conveniently purchase their meals. The online platform is easy to use and customers can browse the menu, add items to their cart, and make payments in a few clicks. The restaurant also offers delivery and pickup options for customers who do not wish to dine in.

The restaurant’s online presence is an important step in its efforts to stay competitive in a world where most restaurants have gone digital. It is also a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to providing customers with the best experience possible.

With its online ordering platform, @Addictions is making it easier for customers to enjoy the flavors of Thai and Indian cuisine from the comfort of their own homes. The restaurant also offers discounts and promotions for customers who order online, making it an even more attractive option for those looking for a delicious meal.

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